Michael Connolly, CTP


Before I became Treasurer, my career had been solely focused in the Corporate Tax discipline. The depth of my knowledge in Treasury matters was somewhat limited to what I had learned from them in meetings and in various projects that focused on cash movements. After I became Treasurer, I came to an immediate appreciation of the vast body of knowledge of which I barely knew the headings in the table of contents. The words “intimidated” and “overwhelmed” fairly capture my perspective at that time.

I was soon introduced to the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and became aware of their assets – the body of knowledge, Essentials of Treasury Management and the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credential.

Once I became Treasurer, my first step was to include the CTP designation as a requisite for employees who were currently on my team, as well as on resumes when I was hiring. This gave me the confidence that, although I did not have the in-depth knowledge and experience of the Treasury discipline, my team did.

My next step was a natural progression in my self-development as a Treasury professional, as well as my objective to be accepted as a Treasury peer by my team. And that was to achieve the CTP certification. It is among the achievements in my professional career that I am most proud of.

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